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mammalRobotics Inc. is your source for robot, web development, react, python and NodeJS prototyping tools!

marmo™ Evolutionary development kit for the Raspberry Pi4, modeled after the Marmoset, a skull with a Pi4 brain to control your projects.

We provide hardware, source code, and tutorials for the Raspberry Pi4

mammalRobotics Inc. has engineered and designed a hands-on experience involving parallel pathways through enriching and powerful content. We believe that everyone can learn to harness the incredible power of technology. mammalRobotics Inc. is intent on being your source for the robotic, web development, react, python and NodeJS prototyping tools to make this a reality.

Looking back over more than two decades of my engineering work, the thing that I would call my super power is problem solving. When it comes to technology and science, I've enjoyed a special intuition for finding pathways and overcoming obstacles, perhaps as much stubborn determination as intuition at times. Many hours of researching, prototyping and tinkering, chasing down potential solutions, harvesting what can be observed, re-tracing and going again. This process has become the defacto standard for creative development today and I'm delighted to be able to share the value of my technique and experiences with you directly through the marmo™ system of hardware, software and architecture.

marmo™ leverages advancements brought about via the smartphone evolution, 3D printing and other large corporate endeavors. With development frameworks and scalable architecture such as React, Flutter, Docker, Kubernetes, micro-services, etc. marmo™ is intended to place the learner in the driver seat with regard to hands-on machine-learning and artificial intelligence experiences. All components that, when mixed with the art of imagination, are sure to generate fascination.

This journey began by imagining content that would include a learning portal (think product specific Udemy), procured Github repositories, FAQs and a tinkering workbench for development and experimentation, with an integrated marketplace to boot. Today, we are pleased to have much of this captured into the marmo™ product. Looking forward to continuing the evolution of the marmo™ platform as we partner with our customer communitity! We help the builder create by removing obstacles, solve complex problems by providing architecture, and promote your success by eliminating tedious work.

Customized for the Raspberry Pi4 Configured to be beginner friendly Designed to be re-purposed Powerful and popular technology

Create your own robot by combining steppers and 3D printed parts. Add sensors to servos and automate virtually anything. Prototype a new product, or invent an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine. Start with a treasure trove of project source code: Web Application: - React + NodeJS Micro-Services: - IO, NodeJS - PYO, Python3

Comes with Raspbian setup and running the micro-services. Includes the source for Python, React and NodeJS projects. Assemblies come with LEDs to illuminate the eyes and teeth. Video Tutorials: - access over your home network - tour the code and project organization - quickly learn to reuse the source - build your own custom controls - make a backup copy of the uSD card - motor and servo HAT harnesses - build electronic assemblies